Text Box: About Us

Text Box: Today businesses need to be able to trust the contractor they hire.
At CUSTOM TOUCH , we take pride in everything we do.
Your needs are our top priority. We ensure that your daily business continues as seamlessly as possible.
Does it seem like you donít have enough time or hands to do your projects?
We have the expertise to step in and keep your operations running smoothly and offer a wide range of operational assistance.
Equipment maintenance is a vital part of any business.
Unfortunately it is often an area that gets neglected.
The cost of maintaining a piece of equipment over its life can be much less expensive than replacement due to failure.
At CUSTOM TOUCH we offer asset maintenance to suit your needs.
We can also facilitate governing inspections and certifications.
Have you ever bought an expensive part, then found two on a shelf later?
Having an accurate inventory of your equipment and parts will save both time and money.
We will complete your project on time and on budget.
Whether your project is;
mechanical change outs, roadways, landscaping, interior renovations, 
done right, done on time.

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Text Box: Email:  info@customtouch.ca